U-Crest FD Structure Fire – 163 Harris Ct

**Cheektowaga NY**
U-Crest alerted for an electrical fire from the panel box in basement. Working fire
declared with heavy smoke showing from #2 side. Crews make entry from front
door searching for basement stairs. Heavy fire makes way into 1st floor on #2 side
causing ammunition to begin going off. Crews are evacuated from structure for
Defensive Operations. Fire climbs exterior wall into attic and becomes fully
involved. 1 FF hurt with minor injuries.
5 -1¾”, 1- 3″ deluge monitor in use & U-Crest Truck 6 flowing.
ON Scene:
U-Crest: Engine 1, Truck 6, Rescue 7, Utility 5; Forks Truck 6; Hy-View: Engine 2
Rescue: Engine 1; Cleveland Hill: Engine 3; Sloan: Engine 1; Depew: Rescue 7
Soutline RIT: Truck 6; Depew filled in at U-Crest
Damages: $ 140K            3-24-2016 – Time Out: 07:45 hrs

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