FDNY – Bronx 4 Alarm Fire with Audio

199 St and Valentine Ave Bronx Box 3515 Around 5:00 the run came in for a fire. Upon arrival fully involved unoccupied residential spread to a second house 2862. Enjoy many different angles and close ups of the fire and even from an adjacent rooftop also a walk around of all the units in on the box. Made it there when it was a 2nd Alarm.

E-79 gave 10-75

E-79,75,62,48, L-46,L-56,BN-27,BN-19,D-7,R-3,SQ-61


Extra E&T..E-81,L-37

2nd Alarm

E-88,42,43,L-59,L-33, BN-18 Safety,BN-17 RUL, E-97/SAT, R-BC,S-BC,FC-1, Car 4C,CT-1

3rd Alarm

E-46,95,45,38, L-32, BN-26,BN-13,E-263/communication),L-27


4th Alarm

E-90,50,66(Lt.TB covering),L-51,L-19

Rafael Fernandez Text and Video