Off Duty Police Officer and Volunteer FIre Chief Rescue Woman in Mineola

Couple Rescue Woman From Stalled Car On Railroad Tracks.
MINEOLA, N.Y.– An off-duty police officer and her husband, a volunteer fire chief, rescued a woman from her stalled car seconds before a train smashed into it, police said.

The 63-year-old driver apparently mistook the Long Island Rail Road tracks for a road Thursday evening, authorities said.

Her car became stuck on the rails with a train fast approaching. She screamed that she couldn’t get out of the car and needed help, said witness Jennifer Freiermuth, 28.

Randi LoCicero, off duty from her job at the New York Police Department, and Anthony LoCicero ran to the car as the crossing gates came down, Randi LoCicero said. As the train’s horn blared, the couple yanked open the door and pulled out the driver, who needed crutches to walk, Randi LoCicero said.

Moments later, a train plowed into the car, overturning it and dragging it a short distance. Neither the woman nor anyone on the train was hurt, authorities said.

“She was a little mad we didn’t get her pocketbook, but you know, that’s life,” Randi LoCicero said. The driver wasn’t identified.

LoCicero, 34, has been a New York police officer for nearly 10 years, the NYPD said. Her husband, 33, is a chief in the volunteer fire department in Franklin Square on Long Island.