LI Fire News – Firefighters Injured In Franklin Square Fire

Firefighters injured in lightning-caused blazePower outage reported

(New York – WABC, July 29, 2007) – On Long Island some 20,000 customers were without power Sunday evening, courtesy of storms moving through.

In fact, in one Nassau County community lightening triggered a transformer fire that spread to at least two homes and left ten firefighters injured.
Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang has the story from Franklin Square.

It was frantic day out here. Between the lightning and the flooding, calls for help were flooding in to 911.

A bolt of lightning triggered a fiery and dangerous chain-reaction through this neighborhood. It was an explosion around Franklin Square 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon. A bolt of lightning came crashing down on utility pole on Smith Street. Rescue workers believe the zap blew up the transformer sending sparks and flames flying.

“One house was on fire and the other house caught up,” said Franklin Square resident Michael Bove. “It was a scary scene.”…

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