Forks FD Commercial Structure Fire – 3870 Broadway st

** Cheektowaga NY **
Forks FD alerted for a building on fire on Broadway, Forks 9 enroute has heavy smoke showing. Working Fire Declared. Forks Chief on scene with heavy fire from #1 side has attack crews lay in a line with hand tools. U-Crest Truck to set up on #1 side and Forks Truck 6 to set up on #3 side for master stream ops. Blitz line set up on #1 side in main garage door. Crews warned about Collapse zone continued defensive Ops. Crews make a brief entry into bldg after roof has fallen in but unable to get to seat of fire. Hy-view crews recon building from exterior to check for advancement of fire. An excavator is used to pull building apart for overhaul.
5 -1¾” & 1 Blitz line, Deck gun by Forks Engine 2
U-Crest & Forks Truck 6s Master Stream Ops
Forks: Engines: 1 & 2, Truck 6, Rescue: 7-1, 7-2
Hy-View: Engine 2; Rescue: Engine 2; Sloan: Engine 1
U-Crest: Engine 2, Truck 6 & Utility 5; Bellevue: Engines 2 & 4, Utility 5;
Twin District FAST & Rehab: Engine 3, Rescue 7; South Line Safety: 5-1
Pine Hill, South Line & Doyle backed filled
Damages: $ 500K – 5-1-2021 – Time Out: 12:23 hrs