Buffalo FD 2nd Alarm – 162 W Woodside ave

South Buffalo crews alerted for a fire by a passer by, then updated with multiple calls of a fire and possible propane take exploded on a porch. Engine 25 on scene 2.5 story dwelling with heavy fire on 2nd floor porch well into attic. B-46 requests extra 2&1 to scene for manpower for #4 side exposure. Water issues hamper operations and crews are pulled out while Truck 10 sets up for Master Stream ops. B-56 balances out 2nd alarm for crews to report on Alturia st and stretch in from there. Fire in exposure reported on 2nd floor and attic. Truck 14 vents roof on exposure. Extensive overhaul required for primary dwelling.
2 -2½” & 4 -1¾” Lines in use
Truck 10 Master Stream Ops
ON Scene:
Engines: 25, 4, 35, 32, 28, 22
Trucks: 10, 15, 5, 2, 14, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-46, B-43, B-41, B-56
Support Staff: F-20, 40, 9, 11a, 11b
Damages: $ 375K
4-27-2021 – Time out: 00:37 hrs