Buffalo FD 2+ Alarm – 1102 Kensington ave

Crews alerted for a fire alarm activation at the former Kensington Theater bldg. Engine 23 on scene investigating a 2 story 60×120 commerical structure. Engine 23 reported an ordor of smoke and now smoke showing from #1 side 1st floor, they make entry with an attack line to find the origin of the fire. B-47 requests balance of 1st Alarm as a 2nd line is backed up upon entry. Attack crew having issues finding fire, as Truck crews force entry on #3 side using as K-12 saw. Still unable to find the seat of the fire, Extra 2&1 sent to scene for manpower. Searching crews with handlines looking for basement stairs as the probable origin of fire. Rescue 1 gains access to basement while Truck 6 updates heavy fire in basement with issues with the floors. Crews hold at the door while working 2 lines dumping water from exterior. Balance of 2nd alarm is struck as fire is running in the common area in basement while extending into 1st and 2nd floors. B-56 pulls all crews out from the structure due to stability issues, an additional 2&1 is sent for more manpower and additional water supply. 2nd Alarm crews force entry into adjacent store fronts to access floor to set up Bresnan nozzles, but were unable to due to concrete floors. Truck 7 sets up to dump water in through front windows but fire already has further advanced to overtake the entire 2nd floor. While Truck 4 is setting up, heavy fire now vents through roof. Truck 14 sets up in 3-4 corner to work the #3 side of building with a master stream. 6 solid hours of Master Stream Operations finally brings fire under control and finally extinguished. Emergency Demo is ordered due to fire load and stability of building. Shift Change brings in 1st Platoon crews.
3 -1¾” & 7 -2½” Lines in use
Trucks 7, 4, & 14 Master Stream Ops
ON Scene:
Engines: 23, 34, 33, 31, 38, 36, 35, 3, 28
Trucks: 7, 14, 13, 6, 4, 10, Res1cue
Chiefs: B-47, B-43, B-41 & B-56
Support Staff: F-20, 40, 9, 11, 12, 76, 39, Fuel Truck
Damages: $ 1.1 Million to bldg. and $600K to contents
Emergency Demo ordered
9-8-2020 – Time Out: 02:57 hrs