Depew FD Commercial Structure Fire – 5246 Transit rd

** Depew NY **
Depew crews alerted for a commercial structure fire in a restaurant while returning from another incident. Depew Chief on scene 2 story bldg with reports of victims trapped, No victims were trapped. Heavy smoke from the A-D corner. Engine 3 attack crews make entry from “D” side. Bellevue crews ladder roof from the rear and ventilate roof. Heavy fire in cockloft running entire length of building. 2nd line working interior as command pulls crews out as fire is growing. Bellevue & Depew Ladders set up for master stream operations. Crews return inside to continue overhall where heavy damages to roof were present. Fire appeared to have started in kitchen on the “D” side.
2 -1¾”, 1 -2½” Lines in use – Depew and Bellevue Trucks flowing.
ON Scene:
Depew: Engines 1 & 3, Truck 5 & Rescue 7
Hy-View: Engine 2; Lancaster Village: Engine 2
Bellevue: Truck 6; Twin District RIT: Engine 3
Bowmansville and U-Crest filled in at Depew
Damages: $375K
9-19-2019 – Time Out: 23:36 hrs