U-Crest FD 2nd Alarm Fire – 3339 Genesee st

** Cheektowaga NY **
Patrol in area was notified about a possible building fire – PD notified dispatch
they had smoke showing and occupants have exited bldg. Rescue 9 enroute
has smoke showing and confirmed a working fire and already venting #4 side.
Attack crews make entry with a line to 2nd floor but are backed out due to
heavy fire conditions. CleveHill Crew with back up line hits fire from exterior as
U-Crest Truck 6 puts master stream in upper window. Fire contained to 2nd
floor of building with extensive overhaul from multiple crews
3 -1¾” lines in use & Master Stream
ON Scene:
U-Crest: Engines 1 & 2, Truck 6, Rescue 7; Hy-View: Engine 2
PineHill: Engine 2; Rescue: Engine 1; Cleve Hill: Truck 6
Forks: Truck 6; Depew: Rescue 7; Sloan: Engine 2
South Line RIT: Rescue 7
Bowmansville, Bellevue & Snyder backfilled
Damages: $ 125K
9-5-2017 – Time Out: 08:21 hrs