Channing Way Mayday Event Berkeley Fire Department September 30th 2016

In this, the second episode of After Action Video, we explore the Berkeley Fire’s mayday event on September 30th 2016. The event occurred at a commercial fire while crews were engage in transitioning from offensive to defensive in their approach.
This episode looks at the firefighters mindset both before and during the event as well at highlights the “chain” of events that contributed to the need for a mayday. In this instance the firefighter was able to break the chain and survived with few consequences beyond the psychological. As this video demonstrates, the line between close call and getting out our class A’s is vanishingly narrow.
Train Hard! Survive!
Music from Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I Track 6 and Ghosts II Track 12. Creative Commons license here :

Other Music by Bucketmouth

This video is distributed free of charge. It is produced by firefighters for firefighters. It is intended as an adjunct for training and to disseminate the lessons learned by Berkeley Fire Department

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