Fatal Car Explosion At LP Fuel Station – Fire Video

Alex Broadbent on YouTube writes:

A car exploded as it was being filled up with compressed natural gas killing one woman and injuring three. Security camera captured the incident at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shows driver Jorge Siqueira de Souza, 45, chatting to a female passenger.

She has been identified as Erica de Lima Thiengo Siqueira, 27 – who was killed instantly in the ferocious blast which left her body burned beyond recognition.

In the video a garage attendant in a long apron is seen moving away to another car on the opposite side of the supply tanks.
He leaves the gas lead in Mr de Souza’s car to continue filling up – but without warning the vehicle combusts completely destroying it and causing extensive damage to the station’s roof.

Video shows Mr De Souza being flung across the forecourt to the ground and lying on the floor motionless.  He suffered serious injuries and is in intensive care at the Alberto Torres State Hospital in the Sao Goncalo neighbourhood.

Two others caught up in the blast were released after receiving medical attention for minor injuries.  According to Rio de Janeiro fire department a build-up of pressure inside the vehicle’s gas cylinder caused it to explode.

They said the woman should not have been in the vehicle at the time under laws which say CNG should only be supplied when all passengers and the driver are outside the car.