Live Fire Training Gone Bad – Firefighter Close Call Video

Todd Essenburg on YouTube Writes:

This is of a fire training incident gone bad in 1994. Two firefighters were burned in this incident. No one responding was aware this was only a training incident and therefore all incoming companies responded code 3. Some (who had radios) found out it was a drill while on the fire ground when the person running the live fire drill advised everyone to switch to another channel. The firefighters burned were treated and released the same night, one minor, one moderately burned. The video quality is not the greatest because it was copied from the original VHS tape. The original VHS tape was edited from the full version, I believe, to cut out some incriminating evidence against those who lit and supervised the incident. It took many years for this video to surface after the incident and most of the people involved, including the volunteer firefighters who were burned, had left the department by the time this video surfaced. The red helmet in the after shots was melted because it was knocked off the Captain’s head inside the structure. It was recovered after the fire was extinguished. The SCBA bottle from the second set of gear was not the one originally worn inside the fire. It had been changed out and the burned firefighter returned to help extingush the fire not knowing the SCBA mask seal was melted to his face and that the fire was set as a training incident. Narration at the end is by the fire chief the same night after the drill was ended.