Man Falls Off Ladder on Top Of Fireman During Apartment Fire Video

Live Focus West on YouTube writes:

A man trapped in a burning flat slipped off the ladder rescuers had put up and fell – on top of a firefighter. The blaze was in a block of flats in the city of Tolyatti in western Russia’s Samara Oblast region. Smartphone footage shot by an onlooker shows black smoke billowing out of a third-floor flat. The trapped man has been pushed to the edge of window sill by the heat and the thick smoke. It is unknown how much time he had to spend in that position before fire crews arrived at the scene.

The video shows a ladder being positioned beside him by rescuers and he tries to step on to it but misses his footing and plummets to the ground. With unbelievable luck, he landed on a firefighter, which softened his landing enough for him to survive the high fall which could easily have proved fatal if he had fallen straight on to a hard surface.

It is reported that the man is in shock state but he otherwise sustained only minor injuries, though what injuries the firefighter suffered were not reported.

The video went viral, with comments including one from ‘stesha-mesha’, who wrote: “Boy, is this man lucky!!! He could have been fried in his flat, but he survived.”