Waterloo, Iowa Duplex Fire Video

Myke Goings on YouTube writes:

NOTE: At 18 seconds the fire flashes and a large burning ember lands on the firefighter’s left shoulder.

Shortly after 11:30p.m. Wednesday night, 2017-04-12-WE, Waterloo Fire Rescue responded to an apartment fire in a duplex at 414 Allen Street.

Officials said no one was injured in the fire. When they arrived the flames were venting out the front door of the apartment. The fire started when a tenant was cooking. The Red Cross is helping the tenants.

Waterloo Fire Rescue was delayed getting to the fire because Cedar Falls Fire Rescue were sent to an Olive Street address in Cedar Falls first. When Cedar Falls couldn’t find anything Black Hawk County dispatchers figured out the fire was in Waterloo. Because of that delay and with the fire being less than a mile from my house I was able to get to the fire before Waterloo Fire Rescue.

In October 2011, the apartment house next door at 416 Allen Street was destroyed by a fire and was later torn down.