Teenager in Russia Saved From Apartment After Gas Explosion

Live Focus West:  Good Samaritans pulled a teenage boy from the window of his burning flat after a gas explosion ripped through his block of flats.

The explosion hit the first floor of an eight-story block of flats in the Russian capital city of Moscow.

Shortly after the explosion, a teenager appeared on the window of a blazing flat on the first floor of the building in a north-eastern suburb of the city.

Passersby bravely rushed to help by clambering onto the porch roof of a pharmacy, on the ground floor of the building, to reach the boy and lead him to safety.

Helicopters had to be flown in to rescue people living on the higher floors of the building as they were unable to use the stairs because of heavy smoke in the stairway.

Incredibly, nobody was killed in the explosion, which was so strong that it shook the walls of nearby buildings, or the subsequent fire.

A fire brigade spokesman revealed that 37 people were rescued and that 19 people were injured in the incident.

Five people including two pensioners, aged 75 and 89, two young children, aged one and two, and a 42-year-old woman required hospital treatment.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by a fault in the gas supply to the building.

Police are looking into the incident but have declined to make further comment pending the outcome of their investigations.