Anaheim Roof Operations Close Call Video – Firefighter Falls Through Roof

April 1997 – LA TIMES

A fast-moving wall of fire roared across the common attic of an apartment complex Monday, engulfing a firefighter who plunged through a burning roof and leaving 17 families homeless.

Miraculously, the firefighter walked out unscathed a few minutes later. And although hundreds of residents were at home in the Ridgewood Gardens complex on North Temple Street, none was reported injured.

“My heart just almost stopped,” said firefighter Mike Prey, who was standing next to Capt. Jim Yost when Yost fell. “That was my captain.” – COMPLETE

Yost was awarded in 1997 for the Courage Under Fire Award:

* Capt. Jim Yost, 41, of the Anaheim Fire Department.

The 26-year firefighter fell through the roof of a burning apartment building March 31. He suffered a small scratch on his neck and burned his fingertips on the balcony railing outside the building. Yost went back to work to fight the blaze that left about 100 homeless and destroyed 31 apartment units.