U-Crest FD 2nd Alarm Structure Fire w/ Evac – 20 Verdun Pl

** Cheektowaga NY **
Car 91 at command post at Town Park can see heavy smoke in area. U-Crest 9-4 enroute declared a working fire – on scene with a 1.5 story dwelling Fire & smoke in rear extending into attic. U-Crest attack crews make entry via front door and 2nd line deployed to rear. Fire in 2-3 corner extends up wall into attic. Rescue 9-1
notifies command about sagging roof and all crews are evacuated from dwelling. Crews from Sloan and Rescue ventilate roof. Cleve Hill & Hy-view crews overhaul on 2nd floor. 2 FFs suffered minor injuries. A dog and ferrets were rescued. 2nd water source established due to a water main ruptured on street causing reduced water.
3 -1¾” Lines in use.
ON Scene:
U-Crest: Engines 1, 2, 3, Truck 6, Utility 5; Hy-View: Engine 2; Forks: Engine 2
Cleve Hill: Engine 3; Sloan: Engine 1; Pine Hill: Engine 2; Rescue: Truck 6
Southline RIT: Rescue 7 & Truck 6;  Bellevue filled in at U-Crest with Engine 2
7-4-2016 – Time Out 14:05 hrs   –   Damages: $ 150K

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