FDNY 1075 In Restaurant

FL92002 writes : We are now on scene at FDNY Box 1752 at 2225 Pitkin Avenue at Van Siclen Avenue, where we see a full 1st alarm assignment as they work to extinguish a fire in the walls of a Spanish restaurant that’s adjacent to an apartment complex entrance in a Tax Payer. Part way into the video, while standing next to RAC 2, 10-75 was transmitted by orders of Battalion 44. There are a lot of Acting Engines and Acting Ladders at this fire, because there was another 10-75 about 5 minutes away that was just being wrapped up as this one was getting started. Companies at the scene here, in no particular order, are Engine 237, Engine 230, Tiller Ladder 118, Ladder 102, Ladder 103, Tower Ladder 120, Ladder 176 as the FAST Truck, Battalion 44, Battalion 39, Division 15, Rescue 2, Squad 252, and RAC 2, as well as a Fire Marshal. Enjoy the view of all of the different rigs, as well as those that arrive at the scene during filming. A fair amount of overhaul was done after the fire was knocked down. No injuries were reported. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on December 16th, 2016.