U-Crest FD Working Fire – 168 Harris Ct

** Cheektowaga NY **
U-Crest 9-2 on scene with nothing showing. Upon entry to dwelling has smoke showing from basement and determined a dryer fire in basement 1-2 corner. Hy-view crews make entry from side door and down into basement. Fire contained to area of origin with slight extension into basement. No injuries were reported.
2 – 1¾” Lines in use
ON Scene:
U-Crest: Engine 1 & Truck 6; Hy-View: Engine 2;
Depew: Rescue 7; Cleve Hill: Engine 3; Rescue: Engine 1
Forks: Truck 6; Southline RIT: Rescue 7
Sloan filled in at U-Crest with Engine 1
Damages: $ 30K
4-12-2016 – Time Out: 09:16 hrs

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