Buffalo PD/FD Fatal MVA – Rte 33 W/B @ Woodlawn

Buffalo FD Fatal MVA w/ 1+ Alarm assignment
Rte 33 W/B near Woodlawn ave
PD/ADI were on scene with a vehicle accident on Expressway.
Rescue1 on scene with the vehicle fully involved upside down and vic trapped.
Vehicle traveling east on Woodlawn from Main st the wrong way went through
the guard rail at a high rate of speed, then on to the Expressway below. Victim was
pronounced at scene, but was alive at time of impact.
B-47 requested a Full 1 Alarm Assignment to scene to assist.
Engine 21 was also called in to supply water from Humboldt ave.
ON Scene:
Engines: 33, 23, 34, 21 – Ladders: 7, 14, 6 FAST, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43, B-47, B-56 – Support Staff: F-20, 11, 9, 39
Buffalo PD: C & E Dist Cars – Multi ADI units
4-19-2014 – Time Out: 01:30 hrs