Garage Fire With Propane and Power Line Issues

Filmed with the Fire Cam 1080, we were dispatched to a reported garage fire on the east side. The fire was actually out of our district by a few houses, but the volunteer dept. has very limited manpower due to it being a blighted area, so we responded. Our 2nd due engine was at least 12 minutes out due to a station being closed. Upon arrival we had a fully involved garage with a dog yelping and tied to the rear of the house. We also had power lines arcing. After pulling the line I started knocking the fire and cooling the dog so the owner could grab him. At the 4:38 mark, 1 of 2 propane tanks inside of the garage started venting and I “gracefully retreated…” The fire was knocked down before the 2nd engine arrived. At the end of the video you can hear the volunteer dept arriving. Filmed with the Fire Cam 1080 from