2nd Alarm in Palmer, PA Commercial Fire

The box was transmitted at 05:40 for a structural fire for 3510 Greenway Street in Palmer Township, Northampton County sending a tactical box from Stations 27 & 53. Police arrive and confirm a working fire. Command transmits the full first alarm.

At 05:44 Northampton County Fire fills the box sending Engines 14-11 and Station 23. Companies stretch hand lines to the 1-story structure but it’s evident that there is a large volume of fire deep seated in the building.

Exposure problems exist on side 2 of the building where a 2-story apartment building and a 1-story strip mall is attached.

With heavy smoke pushing now, command transmits the 2nd alarm.

At 06:02, Northampton County Transmits the second alarm sending out Engine 28-12, Ladder 25-21, Rescue 18-41 and Special Ops 14-42. NEWSWORKING.ORG reporting