Good Helmet Camera Footage From Engine 24 East Lansdowne

Stick with this video from Engine 24 of East Lansdowne on July 13, 2013. Interior operations at a high resolution are caught with the helmet camera.

Engine 24 (East Lansdowne) was dispatched to the Unit Block of Legion Terrace (Lansdowne Borough) to assist Company 19 on a working house fire. Upon arrival, Engine 24 (staffed with 7 FF’s) dropped the 3″ and reported a 2 story twin, wood frame 18×35, fire showing Bravo and Charlie side, 1st and 2nd floor. The crew from Engine 24 simultaneously stretched two 1.75″ attack lines, the 150′ bumper and the 200′. The 1st floor hose team was met with high heat and heavy fire at the dining room. While the fire was being knocked down on D-1, the back-up line held the second floor while searches and ventilation was being performed. Crews found minor extension to division 2 and Truck Companies found fire in the attic upon cutting the roof. 2nd alarm was requested due to low manpower and hot weather.