FDNY Firefighter Close Call Bailout in Brooklyn

On December 19, 2011 a FDNY firefighter was pushed out a window during operations. Firefighter Close Calls said, “FDNY Firefighters rescued one of their own earlier, pulling him “on fire” from a Brooklyn brownstone. As members searched the Crown Heights dwelling for victims, the top floor of the 3 story dwelling on Prospect Place apparently flashed, trapping at least one Rescue 2 Firefighter inside. An aerial ladder was raised to the third floor window and another Firefighter at the top of the ladder helped get him out. The FF was burning and the FF on the ladder hit him on his back to knock down the fire.”

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, 12/19/11

Address: 1100 Prospect Pl @ Albany Ave

09:06 hours
Phone Box 920 – Report of fire in a multiple dwelling, possible people trapped.
Engs. 234, 214, 227
TL111, L132
Battalion 38
Rescue 2

10-75-920 – 09:09 hours
L113 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 57
Division 15
Squad 252

7-5-920 – 09:13 hours
Battalion 38: Box 920, All-Hands, extra engine and truck, we have fire on the top floor of a 3 story 20×40 brownstone. Exposure 1 is a street, 2 is a similar attached, 3 is unknown, 4 is a similar attached.
E280, L176 S/C

2-2-920 – 09:14 hours
BC38: 920, 2nd Alarm, we’ve got a MAYDAY.
Engs 217, 249, 222
E207 w/ Satellite 6
TL120 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 37 (Safety Officer)
Battalion 41 (Resource Unit Leader)
Safety, Rescue Battalions
Tactical Support 2
FieldCom 1, Command Tactical Unit
Car 10 (DAC Kevin Butler, Bronx Borough Commander)

09:14 hours
BC38: Need EMS forthwith

09:17 hours
The staging area is Albany Ave and Bergen St

09:19 hours
EMS reports numerous units en-route

09:21 hours
Car 17 (BC Michael F. Gala Jr, Chief of Personnel) is responding

09:21 hours – Duration 16 minutes
Division 15: All members are accounted for, can I get a mixer off.

Note: Progress report relayed to Citywide that as per Division 15, there was fire in the cockloft with 2 lines stretched and in operation, all members were accounted for.

09:31 hours
By orders of Car 11D, Rescue Battalion is responding to the hospital, not the 2nd Alarm.

09:31 hours
Car 4G (DAC Edward Baggott, Deputy Assistant Chief of Operations) is responding

09:33 hours – Duration 28 minutes
L103, L102 S/C

09:43 hours – Duration 38 minutes
FieldCom: Progress Report on the 2nd Alarm at Box 920, at this time Division 15 reports: all visible fire has been extinguished, primary searches of the fire building and both exposure 2 and exposure 4 are complete and negative, secondaries are in progress, and the fire remains Doubtful. Also L113 is resuming the role of FAST truck, L120 has been put to work.

10:02 hours – Duration 57 minutes
FC: Progress Report on the 2nd Alarm at Box 920, at this time DAC Baggott, Car 4G reports: secondary searches in the fire building, exposure 2 and exposure 4 are complete and negative, and he’s placing the fire at Probably Will Hold. Also can I get a mixer-off message.

10:06 hours
Car 14C (Fire Marshal) is responding

10:06 hours
FC: As per DAC Baggott, he would like a Battalion Chief on Staten Island to respond to the hospital where members are being transported, k.
Battalion 21 S/C to respond to the hospital

10:11 hours
FC: We have a correction on the address at 2nd Alarm Box 920, the address is 1100. 1102 is exposure 2.

10:16 hours – Duration 1 hour 11 minutes
FC: Progress Report #6 on the 2nd Alarm at Box 920, at this time DAC Baggott, Car 4G reports: he’s placing the fire Under Control, k.

Relocations: E216/214, E236/222, E237/234, E205/235, L126/103, TL146/111, L156/113, TL107/120, L122/174