Car Fire Firefighter Slips – Close Call On Helmet Camera

New close call video captured on a helmet camera. The video is pretty tough to follow, but stick with it to 2:42 to catch the firefighter getting up after a fall.

“Firefighters from Kearney, MO responded to a MVC with fire envolvement. E-1, M-1 and Tanker 1 arrived on the scene to find a Ford Thunderbird fully involved. After the initial knock down it was found the vehicle had a ruptured fuel tank fueled with E-85 fuel. When the fuel ignited the vehicle a second time the firefighter on the nozzle advanced to make the attack and slipped on snow and ice on a 45 degree bank. The firefighter fell feet first under the passenger side door. With quick action by the firefighter and his parter on the line, he was pulled to safety. No injuries were sustained to the driver of the vehicle or the firefighter and the blaze was extinguished with a dry chem extinguisher.”