NJ Fire News – LODI Fights A Stubborn Fire

By Bill Tompkins – www.BTFirephotos.com

Firefighters from Lodi and numerous surrounding departments fought a fire in a dwelling that took over three hours to control as they chased the flames hidden in the walls on March 11th.
The Lodi Fire Department was dispatched at about 12:50 AM for a report of a fire at 70 James Street. First in police units reported smoke and fire showing which was confirmed by fire officers on their arrival. A second alarm was transmitted bringing mutual aid to the scene and for cover. Visible fire on the first floor was quickly knocked down, but the smoke condition showed that the flames were in the walls of the balloon frame structure.

With the obvious amount of labor intensive opening up that needed to be done, additional units were called to the scene. Flames seemed to be everywhere as companies opened up. At one point, heavy fire extended through a vent hole in the roof of a rear extension and later on through a dormer on the “D” side. Operations remained offensive throughout the duration of the job. The fire was able to be placed under control at about 4:00, and overhaul would last several hours longer. Balloon frame construction would come back to haunt firefighters as companies were called back for a rekindle at about 8:00. No serious injuries were reported.