Maryland County Limits Fire Department Response After 2 Trucks Collide

In explaining the decision, the county fire chief says his department “operates under nationally recognized best practices policies”
By David Statter

DUNKIRK, Md. — In the wake of the collision between two fire trucks, the Anne Arundel County Fire Department has changed the way it dispatches Calvert County’s Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department on mutual aid calls into Anne Arundel. In a statement to, Anne Arundel County Chief John Robert Ray said the decision to “limit but not eliminate” Dunkirk’s responses was made “in the interest of public and firefighter safety”.

Dunkirk VFD Chief Toby Sealey calls the change “flat out dangerous” and says it is “a poor decision that will have ill fated results with due time”.

In explaining that decision, Chief Ray says his department “operates under nationally recognized best practices policies and procedures for both responses to and operations at emergency incidents”. According to Ray, “there has been some deviation from these policies by members of one of our neighboring departments”. Ray is “hopeful that continued discussions and perhaps joint training opportunities will yield positive results, which will allow me to revert to the prior response profile with this company.”… READ ALL