PA Fire News – Cycle Shop Burns In Ephrata

Text and Video –

EPHRATA TOWNSHIP, PA — On December 23rd, While the Local Alarm was being transmitted for an Automatic Fire Alarm at a local nursing home, Units from Engine Companies 15 & 12 were advised of a possible working fire in the 800 Block Of East Main Street In Ephrata Township. Chief 12 advised Communication moments later of a thermal column showing from a mile out in the area of the reported building fire. BOX Alarm 15 was then transmitted to 844 East Main Street at the East End Speed shop for a working building fire, Units committed on the AFA were then redirected to the fire as multiple reports were being received. Chief 12 arrived giving the first official report of heavy fire showing from the Alpha side of the building and spreading through out with reports of people still inside the building. Engine 12-2 arrived shortly afterwords going heavy duty with their wagon pipe and stretching multiple large water lines. Command 15(Chief 12) requested add’l units be added through-out the incident as the fire continued to grow and spread through out the adjoining buildings. Crews worked to control the blaze in freezing temps. In all, East End Speed and JR Cycle Shop were completely destroyed in the fire. Command marked the fire under control at 20:00 hours with no injuries reported and no one trapped.