Pennsylvania Fire News – RIT Used Two Firefighters Burned and One Civilian Killed

I got the early word from BILLY G over at that Grove City firefighters went to work on a house fire with reported persons trapped inside. Firefighting efforts were hampered by frozen hydrants. This led the firefighters to utilize tankers for the operations. Smart thinking by the chief led to the dispatch of additional alarms as well as a RIT team from the East End VFD. Evacuation signals were sounded as conditions deteriorated and collapse potential increased. RIT was assisting with laddering the building, and a member of the interior search team advised them that a firefighter was still in the building. RIT was successfully deployed and able to remove the firefighter within minutes. Both firefighters: Brad Holmes and Scott King were flown to the burn unit of UPMC Mercy in Pittsburgh, the Associated Press said. King was discharged later in the day but Holmes was in critical condition.

Another Successful story of RIT!