Firefighting Training Video – Roof Venting Operations With An Axe

Marc Lucero recently released another good training video on YOUTUBE.

Here is the text to go along with his video:
Using the flat side of your Axe can be much faster than the blade. Often the blade will wedge itself into the roof and you have to spend energy freeing it. By using the blunt side it creates a wide path that doesn’t trap the axe. This Works Excellent on light wieght roof construction with plywood decking. Richmond,ca Fire Academy instructor Marc Lucero is demonstrating on a pitched roof with 1/2″ by 12″ wood slats. This is a much older roof with thick wood but the blunt side still kicks ass….Try it! You’ll like it… It is a great technique for getting through plywood on boarded up windows and door too. Don’t be afraid to use both sides of your axe.

Good points!

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