Firefighter Training Video – Roof Venting With A Chain Saw – Raptor Vrs Bullet Blade Comparison

This is another Video Care of Marc Lucero at the Richmond, CA Fire Acadamy:

During a Training excercise. We went out to try a new chain that we had heard about. We have used the Bullet chain for years and started to hear about the Raptor. This video is of myself using the same saw cutting two holes. On the first hole I used the Bullet chain and on the second hole I used the raptor. What you see are the results. The raptor cut fast but the bullet chain sustained less damage. I would love to have a a few more raptor chains to try but we used the two we had up. It’s a great chain I really liked it. It cuts fast! Don’t know if it will last. I recomend you do your own test and it is very worthy of looking at. We have a very old town with some nasty roofs so durability is very important. Even so I recomend both chains very highly.

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