Fire at Her Back, Mother Saves 4 but Stays With 5th Too Scared to Jump
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Published: November 17, 2006

Nabila Nazli was standing at a window, dangling her newborn above the sidewalk about 20 feet below. Flames were tearing through her second-story apartment in Brooklyn yesterday morning, and she was screaming for help.

Jeremy M. Lange for The New York Times
A Brooklyn woman and her five children survived a second-floor fire in the building at the left. The fire damaged the exterior of the building at the right.

The CaucusTwo men had raced to her aid, but they could not get into the wood-frame building. Thinking fast, they stretched out a quilt as a makeshift net.

Ms. Nazli dropped her month-old boy, tossed out his twin brother, and then helped two older children jump from the windowsill. All four landed safely.

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