Firefighter Close Call Video – Truck Operations Rescue Attempt

Firefighter Rescue Attempt

Check the bucket placement on this fire call.

‘The 2 FF’s were inside the building (the came in by ladder basket) for rescue. In a few moments of time it became very hot and decided to backtrack a little bit. When they exited the building, they jumped into the basket and on that moment a flashover occured on the first floor. The flames reached over the basket they were in. In this hot situation, the emergency stop in the basket was put in the “on”-position by accident. It took a while to get it cause at the meantime, the ladder operator is unable to work with the ladder when the stop in the basket is on.

They came down while the basket was in fire. No injuries. But it could have been worse! The ladder operator could have retracked is ladder when he saw that the basket was hanging in the flames but he didn’t.’…text from youtube user

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