Wind as a Firefighter Hazard

Directly from Chief Dunn

Winds that suddenly chanage direction or gust during a fire have killed and injured firefighters. A sudden gust of wind can cause a wildfire to flare up and trap a fire-fighter who is operating in high brush. Wind that suddenly changes direction and blows into a flaming window can drive fire and heat into the path of advancing firefighters who are searching or operating an attack hoseline. High winds can cause a treetop, “crown” fire to spread over the heads of firefighters operating in the woods. Firefighters always should attempt to take advantage of wind direction. The safest position is the upwind or windward side. If it is necessary to cut off wind-driven fire, do so by attacking from flank positions. Do not attempt to attack a wind-blow fire head-on.

In addition to this always consider equipment placing in relation to the wind.