Southampton FD Denver Rescue Training

Attached are a series of images from a RIT scenerio of a firefighter down at a high sill/ narrow hall situation.

Care of

On September 28, 1992, Engineer Mark Langvardt of the Denver, Colorado, Fire Department died in the line of duty. After becoming separated from his crew due to a floor collapse and trapped in a small storage room on the second floor of a commercial occupancy, Langvardt was overcome. The storage room, measuring six feet wide by 11 feet deep, was filled with cabinets and business equipment on both sides creating an aisleway only 28 inches wide with an exterior window at one end. The drop from the windowsill to the floor was 42 inches high. Fire fighters entering the storage room through the second floor window had to crawl over Langvardt, who was lying face down in the aisleway in the fetal position, head pressed against the interior of the front wall just under the window. Due to the restricted size of the aisleway, there was room for only one rescuer to bend over the victim and attempt to lift, thus making conventional windowsill lifts and removal techniques next to impossible.

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