Hamptons – County Road CR 39 Pilot Traffic Plan

On Monday July 10th thru Friday July 14th the Suffolk county Department of Public Works will be making a big impact on our emergency response routes from approximately sunrise to 9:00am. All emergency response personnel should refrain from driving to the scene in personnel vehicles if a call is in the area between the merge by the lobster Inn all the way east to Dean’s Corner (711) during the above dates. For more information on the direction of travel and places that you are allowed to turn look at http://www.co.suffolk.ny.us/public%20works/CR-039Flyer.pdf for more information. Think about your response route before leaving the house and use alternate streets if needed rather then the main road. If coming from an alternate route other then the the usual let the cheif know when you are arriving on scene of your new approach to help them on placing units on hydrants and in staging areas.