5" Manifold Warning

Just a heads up – (firefighterclosecalls)

On Wednesday 6-14-06 the Vander Fire Department in Cumberland County NC had an incident that occurred while performing an ISO /DOI inspection drill for a neighboring department. We had a firefighter that was injured, due to a catastrophic failure of an Angus 5″ manifold. The firefighter was operating the manifold valves while filling tankers. There was about 100 psi on the LDH manifold when the failure happened. The manifold valve that we were using was 15 years old. The firefighter is at home resting, bruised around left upper leg area, but will return to work.

Angus Fire Equipment has been contacted by the Deputy Fire Chief. A representative from Angus came down on Monday the 6-19-06 to investigate the LDH manifold. He brought with him a new manifold to replace the damaged one. Angus took the damaged manifold with him to test and find out what caused the failure.

Our department was advised by Angus Fire Equipment, that currently that there are no written test procedures on this type of equipment. However, they did recommend that fire departments while testing their LDH hose, to use the manifold at the end of the line when testing hose at 200 psi. and use caution.