Seatbelt Safety

Say what you want about seatbelts…This is a good example of why you should wear one!


Many fatalities could have been avoided had seat belts been used. All vehicles, regardless of age, should be equipped with seat belts. All fire agencies have mandatory seat belt policies. The issue is voluntary compliance. People need to be aware of recent statistics that show while only twenty-five percent of people still do not wear seat belts, this one person in four minority accounts for a whopping sixty percent of all vehicle deaths. A study by the NHTSA in 2001 identified a seventy-five percent death rate of occupant ejections involving passenger car fatalities. Only one percent of those occupants had been wearing seat belts. During the past 26 years, seat belts have prevented over 135,000 fatalities. It has been estimated that during this same period, if all vehicle occupants had been wearing seat belts, a further 315,000 deaths and 5.2 million injuries could have been prevented. Care of