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Jason T. Poremba is the owner and creator of Firefighterspot.com, a leading video blog focused on firefighter safety. His ‘Close Calls on Camera’ section on FR1 won Best Regularly Featured Web column/Trade category in the 2009 Maggie Awards, which honors the region’s best publications and Web sites. Jason is currently a 15-year member and 1st Lt. in an engine company of a volunteer fire department in New York. His specialty training includes rapid intervention, firefighter survival and engine company operations. His passion for firefighting has led him to develop a way to train firefighters via the Web in the dangers of firefighter close calls, and dangerous training and firefighting procedures. In a technological age, videos rule and leave lasting impressions. Jason’s hope is to educate firefighters via video to help put an end to unnecessary repeated firefighter mishaps.

Proceeds from any advertising go to maintain the site and remaining funds get donated to the NY Firefighter Burn Center – Burn Camp For Children

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