Car Fire Back-up In PA

It isn’t often you see everyone packed up at a car fire these days. These firefighters all appear to be geared up with full PPE. As an officer I may switch out the nozzle man and the person backing up. Their physical sizes seem to not fit their hoseline positions. Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Car Fire Back-up In PA

  1. size, gender, race, whatever – if you can't do the job – get another one. No concessions offered. Fire doesn't care. Neither do I. Punish the big ff because the small one is there? Reward the small ff with the nozzle for their stature? You're large – you do all the grunt work. You're small, you get the best tasks? Try that at your station and see what happens. At best, a lot of transfer requests.

  2. I have definitly had guys of smaller size in height do the job very well as a backup. It does appear to be very visually akward in this video with the dramtic height difference. It could be just a bad backup guy…and not a height problem.

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