Roof Operations – Gear Up, Go Prepared, Cut a Hole You Can Manage

Maryland Firefighters went to work on a house fire in Hebron on March 16, 2008. The above video highlights some things to consider when going up on the roof:

Choose the right tools for the type of roofs you are going to open.

Check for the safety of the roof – Tap out or Sound out to locate rafters or trusses with tool

Walk lightly on the roof – try to spread weight out as much as possible

Be sure to take a tool for pulling coverings and debris away from the opening.

Always have backup!

Communicate to team below to coordinate venting efforts.
Any more thoughts…Please add to comments!

Here is a great summary of venting, roof types, tools, and more care of Houston Texas Firefighters. CLICK HERE

5 thoughts on “Roof Operations – Gear Up, Go Prepared, Cut a Hole You Can Manage

  1. 1. NO SCBA ON!!!!! (why breath that crap in)2. No way to desperse weight. 3. Not having the right tools to complete the job.4. Not sounding the roof.5. Not making sure the cut is done properly.That is only a few of the things. But Hey atleast the second guy put his gloves on.

  2. 1. If you are going to lay a line, get it in the house. 2. Where is your RIT? 3. The nozzleman should have at a minimum had his face piece on and should have been ready to roll.4. WINDOWS!!! knock out the windows.

  3. Knock out the windows? Not till you are about to go in…no sooner. Did anyone see the PPV fan sitting at the front door? Thats a scary thought. One man on the roof….last cut was furthest from his point of egress….ladder they used to gain access to the roof was actually a roof ladder…which they didn’t have on the roof because they used it on the ground…proper tools took alot of time to arrive….did anyone notice the forcible entry remnants at the back door…looks like the door was kicked in and toppled over…blocking the entry…they ended up fighting with it for some time to get it cleared….always easier to armchair quarterback than to actually do it sometimes…glad no one got hurt…..lots to learn in the video.

  4. This looks like a circus from the start. I understand this is only a view from one side of the house – who knows what was happening on the other side.1) what’s the deal with the hose in the back that isn’t being utilized2) SCBA waist straps3) PASS Tag hanging from the helmetOnce on the roof1) No SCBA2) No roof ladder – although not necessarily required3) No tools4) No spotter5) Piss poor cutting from the startThis guy has no business being on the roof….if you want to play truckie….take the classes and do it right and be safe.

  5. Definitely looked like a FD that spent their money on equipment but little on training. I’m assuming this is the rear (Side #3) and the attack was on side #1, so not taking the line in is probably fine. The guy who ended up on the roof couldn’t even figure out his SCBA, he struggled to mask up, then didn’t have the bottle on, then got help and still messed with the cylinder valve.I also, am not going to complain about the SCBA or roof ladder use on the roof. But bring a tool to open the hole. Then the 2nd guy brings and axe? And uses the blade side? Sad.

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