Virginia Fire – Early Call Prevents Major Fire In Petersburg

This Virginia story was sent in this week regarding a Major Fire prevented by an early call in by a civilian on October 31, 2007.

Rob Tankard (Images above), and On Scene Reports:
“This one was probably the ‘Could Have Been of the year…and if it had been reported say, an hour or two later, it would have been a major incident.
Just a shade before 11PM on Halloween night Petersburg dispatched Engines 2, 4, 3, Truck 1 and the Battalion Chief to the 100 Block of North Sycamore Street…Downtown…for a structure fire. Engine 2, Truck 1, and Battalion 530, responding from Station 2 at Market and Wythe Streets, about ¾ of a mile distant, arrived within seconds of each other to find what appeared to be fire showing through the roof at the Alpha-Bravo corner of a 2 story former theater under renovation with smoke pushing from around the decorative boxing at the roof level…there had been some roof work in progress during the day, and that’s being viewed as the culprit.
This had the potential to be a major incident of the ‘All-Nighter’ category. Downtown Petersburg is packed with older multi story commercial buildings, and this particular one was under renovation and completely gutted inside…The fire that had been showing was had actually popped through the rear portion of the boxing, and was quickly knocked down… A crew making entry to the structure found a small amount of fire inside at the front of the building; up in the partially gutted attic. They were able to quickly knock it down from the first floor with a hand line.”

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