Smithfield Volunteer FD Truck Company Operations Class

Smithfield Volunteer Fire Dept is hosting a Truck Company Operations Class come mid September.
Exact Dates and Instructors will be added to the info as it becomes available.
The following video is from the previous few classes.
Train Often and Bitch Less !!.

Heavy fire from abandoned house in Surrey, British Columbia

July 13 2014 – 9700 blk 137th St @ just after 6:00am
1 story abandoned home on fire and spread adjacent home, luckily the residents were not home. A 2nd alarm was called for additional manpower.

20 FFs on scene – No word on a cause, but I’m sure its being treated as suspicious.

Detroit FD 2nd Alarm – 14027 Jos Campau

Engine 44 on scene with a commercial smoke showing
Chief 8 assumed command and reported a 100 x 150 doubtful fire
Crews breach rear way but forced back by chemicals in rear store room.
Hazmat level 1 declared and defensive operations
Truss Roof collapse and all 4 walls finally gave way
3 -2½” & 2 -1¾” Lines in use
Ladder 17 & 7 were airborne and flowing
Engines: 44, 56, 40, 60  -  Ladders: 7 & 17, HM1
Chiefs: 8, 5 & 203
Damages: $ 2 million
7-5-2014   -   Time Out: 15:50 hrs

Buffalo FD 2nd Alarm – 597 Northland ave

Engine 33 on scene with a vacant 70′x120′ commercial fully involved. B-43 arrives with heavy fire through roof and requests 2nd Alarm.Fire spreads to exposure at 577 a 1 story 50′x120′ commercial. Crews set up for Defensive Operations
5 -2½” Lines in use & 3 Towers airborne and flowing.
ON Scene:
Engines: 33, 21, 34, 23, 31, 3
Ladders: 6, 7, 14, 2 & 4 as FAST, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43, B-47, B-56
Support Staff: F-20, 9, 8, 11, 76, 72 & C-1
Damages to all Structures: $ 125K
6-16-2014   -   Time Out: 01:21 hrs

Front Wall Collapse Zone Protected in Decatur

Great job over in Decatur protecting the brothers by staying out of the collapse zone. In the future we could also watch the hose line. It appears it is a bit tight on the front wall, but all in all everyone went home. That is most important.