Massive fire guts apartment under construction in Langley, BC

May17th 2015 @ 4:00am – 221st St & 49th Ave in Langley Twp, British Columbia
Apartment building under construction fully involved spreading to an occupied apt behind it.
Additional firefighters were called to the scene as well as police officers from other cities to assist in the evacuations
A police officer collapsed at the scene and was taken away by BCAS
No word on a cause, but it is being treated as suspicious.

Buffalo FD 1+ Alarm – 87 Roebling ave

Engine 31 on scene with a fully involved 2 story dwelling in the rear. B-43 orders everyone out of the dwelling for Defensive Operations and Truck 14 commences Master Stream attack from above. Issues with low water volume brings in Engine 25 to augment water supply.
2 -2½” Lines in use + Truck 14 Master Stream
ON Scene:
Engines: 31, 23, 33, 25 – Trucks: 14, 7, 6 FAST, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43 & B-56 – Support Staff: F-20, 9, 11
Damages: $ 80K
5-12-2015 – Time Out: 04:56 hrs

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Cleveland Hill FD Structure Fire – 36 Liberty Terr

**Cheektowaga, NY**
Cleve Hill 9-2 on scene with nothing showing from exterior of a 2 story dwelling. Upon forcing entry #3 side heavy smoke showing from rear door. Crews made entry and found fire in basement extending to 1st floor. Hy-View called to scene for extra manpower. Extensive overhall required
2 -1¾” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Cleve Hill: Engines 1 & 3, Rescue 7 & Utility 5
Pine Hill: Engine 2; U-Crest: Engine 3; Hy-View: Engine 2
Forks RIT: Engine 2 & Rescue 7; CD-132
Rescue, Synder & Bowmansville FDs provided standbys
Damages: $ 80K
5-5-2015 – Time Out: 12:52 hrs

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Pine Hill FD Structure Fire – 59 Marne rd

Cheektowaga, NY PD on scene with smoke showing from porch area. Pine Hill 9 on scene with a possible basement fire with extension. Fire contained to porch area and smoke throughout dwelling.
2 -1½” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Pine Hill: Truck 6, Engine 2, Rescue 7
Cleve Hill: Engine 3; U-Crest: Engine 3
Forks: Truck 6; Rescue RIT: Engine 1 & Rescue 7
Sloan Engine 1 standby at Pine Hill
Damages: $ 10K
5-3-2015 – Time Out: 19:36 hrs

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Grand Island, NY FD Structure Fire – 1762 Huth Rd

Grand Island – 295 on scene 2.5 story dwelling heavy smoke showing. 9-7 assumes command and updates with heavy fire #2 side exterior. National Fuel requested to scene for hi-pressure gas line feeding fire. Multiple attempts for interior attack are thwarted by heavy fire over crews’ heads and lightweight truss roof falling in. Defensive Ops are ordered and Grand Island t-6 & Sheridan Park t-6 begin master stream operations. Interior overhaul commences to finish up hotspots.
2 -1¾ & 2 -2½” Lines in use – 2 Ladders airborne & flowing.
ON Scene:
Grand Island: Engines 3 & 5, Truck 6, Rescue 1 & 7-1
Sheridan Park: Truck 6; Ellwood: Engine 2
Kenmore FAST: Engine 2; City Tonawanda FD filled in at GI HQ
Damages: $ 275K
4/28/2015 – Time Out: 13:38 hrs

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